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Single Screws

Screws can be given the right form by conducting suitable design with the suitable method. Experience and technical competency are required for such purposes. ALMAK, with its experiences R&D team and its CNC bench track, provides the required competency and produces screws suitable for extrusion for injection and extrusion.

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Barrier Technology

The basic objective of barrier technology, which is applied on many thermoplastic and rubber screws through various designs, is to increase the ability of mixing and plastification of the raw material with shorter L/D ratios. These aspects can also provide capacity increase and energy saving with the right applications.

Maddock and Mixers

Various models of maddock and mixers are used in screw design, in order to prevent mixing problems. With the use of the correct type of maddock and mixers in the screws in correct areas, the more homogenous mixtures can be provided and mixing problems can be prevented.

Sample Maddock and Mixers Desings