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Single Hole Barrels

ALMAK is able to respond to all expectations of the sector in production of Single Hole Barrels, which are commonly used in extrusion sector. Contrary to the belief, barrels are not merely machine parts that house screws, but also they are the most important machine part which define capacity with feeding part design.

 Sample Designs
Extrusion Barrels

Single Hole Barrels are the most important extruder elements in obtaining high capacities. ALMAK forms special feeding and cooling part designs for the purpose of providing high capacities in its screws and barrels. Likewise, capacity-increasing feeding systems and effective gas-extraction systems in recycling bins are the specialty areas of ALMAK.

Injection Barrels

As injection barrels are abrasion-proof, they also have to be pressure-proof. This is only possible with correct designs. Another factor for them to work correctly in injection is front group design and production. Front group production will only be possible with correct design, correct material selection and production being conducted in line with the design.