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Abrasion can be observed in screws and Barrels after a certain time of work. These abrasions will negatively affect working efficiency of Barrels. Screws and Barrels that have abraded to a certain degree can be revised. The revisability of screws and Barrels can only be determined after sensitive measurements. ALMAK has constituted all of its production systems in a fashion suitable for serial production. It can be determined after sensitive measurements, that in certain situations, production of a new set of screws and Barrels might be more economical than revision of the current screws and Barrels. In such situations, the decision is made against such revision.

Revision in Screws

Revisability of screws are generally evaluated together with the abrasion standing of its housing. Since housing diameter is to be scaled up with revision, the housing, of which screw pressing rates increase, can be revised based on its diameter. According to this, screws can be revised if their pressing rates will not be negatively affected.

Revision In Barrels

Abrasion in Barrels manifest as formational inconsistencies on the hole diameter. We can observe these abrasions as local bruises, conicity throughout the housing and/or ovalness in housing intersection. After revision, housing diameter is increased and these inconsistent forms are removed. However, the abrasion must be within certain limits for a healthy revision procedure.