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Double Screws

Double screws, used in specific cases where more mixing is expected and plastification is harder, require much more experience and technical competency in comparison to single screws. In these screws, which work by interpenetrating into one another, working tolerances are quite important, and suffer from slightest mistakes. Such sensitivity can only be provided with the CNC technology.

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PVC Pipe and Profile

PVC Piping and Profile pipe production lead the sectors using double screws. Due to their high rates of mixing and plastification, double screws have become essentials in this sector. ALMAK can respond to sector requirements with production of screws and Barrels in varying diameter/length rates for PVC profile and pipe production.

Granule Production

Another sector utilizing double screws is granule production. Manufacturers intend to mix various raw materials and have granule for the purpose of reducing costs. Double screws are essential in this sector for obtaining granule with a homogenous mixture.